Affordable WordPress Maintenance Plans for Small Businesses

The WordPress ecosystem is constantly evolving. Let us handle your website updates and monitoring so you can focus on what you do best.

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WordPress maintenance is a full time job. You already have one of those.

Life is hard enough without worrying about your WordPress website. Even a single out of date plugin can pose a security risk to your business.

Change is constant

The WordPress platform is always changing. New major versions are released every few months, with lots of minor versions in between. Plugins and themes typically follow suit. The end result is that even after just a couple of weeks your website could be left out of date and missing the latest important fixes and security patches.

Peace of Mind

Regular WordPress maintenance is critical to keeping your business running smoothly. Hacked websites can cost you time, money, customers, and your reputation. You’ve already got enough to worry about. Sleep easy at night knowing your website is always up-to-date.

Beyond Maintenance

Updates are just the start. Our WordPress maintenance plans include automatic backups and first-in-class web firewall for real-time threat scanning. You can also supercharge your maintenance plan with offsite backups, uptime monitoring with real-time alerts, and SSL security checks.

Maintenance Plans That Work For You

We offer monthly WordPress maintenance plans that fit businesses of all sizes.

Monthly Updates

Twice a month we will ensure every aspect of your WordPress website is up-to-date: plugins, themes, and core WordPress. We typically do updates during off-hours on the 1st and 15th, but can work around your business schedule.

Automatic Backups

As part of our monthly maintenance, we’ll ensure your website is configured for regular, automated backups. We will also configure a retention policy that makes sense for you.

Web Firewall

Updates and backups are one thing. You’ll also get a web firewall that monitors real-time traffic on your web site, automatically blocks threats, and instantly bans brute force login attempts from nefarious bots.

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Deluxe Maintenance Plans

Super-charge your monthly maintenance plan with additional features.

Uptime Monitoring

Continuous 24×7 uptime monitoring alerts you whenever your website is down so you don’t find out from one of your customers. Alerts can be sent to your e-mail, mobile phone, or even Slack channel.

Offsite Backups

Backups are only as good as the server they are saved on. We’ll ensure all you daily backups are securely stored in the cloud, separate from your server, keeping your data safe in case of total server loss.

SSL Checks

Never worry about expiring or invalid SSL certificates again. We’ll monitor your site for SSL certificate issues and notify you right away so you can quickly resolve them.

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Your Trusted Partner

We have nearly a decade of experience working with WordPress, which is why the following brands have trusted us with their WordPress maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the monthly updates

Our monthly updates include plugins, themes, and core WordPress updates. We perform updates twice per month: once around the 1st and again around the 15th. We also follow many WordPress security blogs and news feeds, and if we hear of any critical security issues that impact your site, we may do updates out of the normal cycle.

Whenever we do updates, we will ensure your website is loading and the home page appears as expected. Due to the number of websites we manage and the complexity inherit to each one, we cannot do a full checkout of every page on your site.

Occasionally, we may opt not to update everything on your site when we do our schedule updates. This could be due to incompatibilities between plugins or your theme that require us to wait for a future update to ensure there are no problems.

What’s not included in monthly updates

The following services are not included with our maintenance plans:

  • Changes or creation of website copy, images, or other content related to blog posts, pages, e-commerce products, etc.
  • Trouble-shooting DNS, SSL, email, or other infrastructure problems unrelated to the website itself.
  • Installation or configuration of new WordPress plugins or themes.
  • Trouble-shooting upgrades and changes done by anyone other than our team.
How Will I Be Billed

We will send an invoice around the 1st of the month for the previous month’s services. There is no long term contract and you can cancel your WordPress maintenance plan at any time.

For any partial month, you will be charged 50% of the rate if only one round of updates has been completed.

Do I Have to Install Anything

Our web firewall and backup services each require a plugin to be installed. Don’t worry, these are industry standard plugins running on thousands of websites (including our own). They won’t impact performance, and we’re happy to discuss them in detail if you like!

Do I Need to Change Hosting?

The majority of hosting services should be sufficient for our maintenance plans. However, if we believe resource limits are going to be an issue with our plugins we will let you know.

What If I Have Multiple Sites

If you manage more than 5 websites, we are happy to discuss bulk pricing with you. We have several existing agency clients that we work with, and they find that having WordPress maintenance handled by us helps them focus on design and new business.


Pick a plan that works for your business.

  • Basic Maintenance
    $100 Month
    • Plugin, theme, and core updates twice per month
    • Automatic daily backups
    • Real-time security firewall and traffic analyzer

Are you an agency or have multiple WordPress web sites? We have bulk pricing available to cover them all.

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