Using NavXT Breadcrumbs with Avada

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I’ve recently started using the Avada WordPress theme for just about every new project I take on. More on that later, but today I wanted to discuss a quick solution I came up with to using NavXT breadcrumbs with Avada. The Avada breadcrumbs are not nearly as configurable as NavXT, and while Yoast is a little better, it’s still not exactly what I needed on a recent project. Below I’ll show you how to override the Avada theme to use NavXT breadcrumbs.

Why Use Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs serve two important purposes. First, they help visitors find the natural hierarchy of your site. For blogs, this means your category structure. For e-commerce stores, this means your product catalog. Regardless of what type of site you run, if you’re categorizing your posts, breadcrumbs help your visitors understand it better.

Second, breadcrumbs help Google find your content. As Googlebot crawls your pages and posts, having links to your top level category pages helps it find other link-rich content. Google stresses good internal linking as a positive SEO indicator, and breadcrumbs are a great way to help show Google where your content is. Plus, using a system like NavXT will add Google friendly meta data to your breadcrumbs. This data doesn’t change how visitors see your breadcrumbs, but can greatly help Google create rich snippets and organized search results for your site.

Using NavXT Breadcrumbs with Avada

Inside your Avada child theme, make sure you have a functions.php file. Then simply add the following snippet of code:

This little snippet of code checks to make sure that NavXT is installed and enabled, and if so, delegates breadcrumb generation to NavXT using the bcn_display() function. If NavXT is not installed or enabled, it simply delegates back to the normal Avada breadcrumb functionality using the Fusion_Breadcrumbs class. And voila, you now are usingNavXT breadcrumbs with Avada!

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