Introducing PeloChallenge: Custom Peloton Challenges

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Today I am happy to announce the release of PeloChallenge: a new online service for creating custom Peloton challenges. As a Peloton bike owner, I have found the lack of custom, automated challenge services disappointing. So I decided to do something about it.

Even with the launch of official Peloton challenges late last year, I have always wanted a way to manage custom challenges. I participate in a local neighborhood group that does monthly challenges. One month the goal might be to ride 300 miles. Or burn 10,000 calories.

In the past, our group of 100+ members have managed this using a simple google spreadsheet. Members had to manually enter their rides, which became tedious.

Enter PeloChallenge. I created PeloChallenge as a simple way to manage group and individual Peloton challenges.

How Does it Work?

First, login using your Peloton credentials. No need to create a new account, PeloChallenge uses your existing Peloton login to make things simple.

After you login, you can create or join a challenge. Public challenges will displayed automatically. If you’re trying to join a private challenge, however, you’ll need the link from the manager.

Custom Peloton Challenges

When you create a challenge, you become the manager. You decide the metric (calories, miles, etc) and goal. You can also choose whether the challenge is private or public. If you choose private, only people with the link can join it.

There is no limit on how many users can join a challenge. You can invite your whole tribe, or just keep it to yourself.

Challenges can also be bike only, tread only, or both. As the manager, you decide which platforms to include.

After joining or creating a challenge, go ride or run! PeloChallenge periodically syncs your rides and updates the challenge leaderboard. You are welcome to create and/or join as many challenges as you want.

PeloChallenge has been a great way to keep me and my tribe motivated, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Have a look and try it out, I hope you’ll find it as useful as I have.

Peloton Challenge Leaderboard
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