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One of the first things I always tell clients is that investing in a great WordPress theme is one of the most important decisions you can make. There are literally thousands of free and for-purchase WordPress themes available, so picking one can seem daunting. I usually recommend a theme for my clients based on their business and website needs, but I’ve also worked with clients who have picked a theme ahead of time, or have a graphic designer who favors a particular theme. Regardless of how you find a theme, spend the time and money to make sure it offers everything you will need for your site.

Right now one of my favorite themes right now is from Theme Nectar and it’s called Salient. It’s an ultra-modern theme with amazing styling right out of the box, plus a ton of configuration options and widgets to help build truly impressive pages. Just a few of things things I love about this theme:

  • Full-width, responsive sliders with video background support.
  • Portfolios with nearly a dozen different styling options.
  • Hidden sidebar.
  • Page builder with dozens of widgets and short codes to build interactive pages.
  • Simple typography setup with Google fonts support.
  • Extended header, footer, and blog styling options.

Of course it also has the standard features you should look for in any WordPress theme: responsiveness, great integrations with popular WordPress plugins, and great technical support.

This is just a short list of its features and why I’ve been using this theme for multiple clients lately. It’s available for $58 through theme forest, which is definitely on the high end of WordPress themes. Remember though, that’s a one-time up front cost and will easily pay itself back in from it’s usability and tech support. Well worth the investment.

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