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When I started Elvtn a few years ago, it was on a whim and I wasn’t sure where it was headed. As anyone who has ever started a business can attest, getting that first customer is always the hardest step. I had quickly thrown together a website to advertise myself, but never really put much thought into it. I used a little-known WordPress theme and was hosting with GoDaddy. Three years and dozens of customers later, it’s clear my little site was not withstanding the test of time.

As with many WordPress themes, the one I was using was not being maintained and was not compatible with some of the more prominent page optimization plugins I use. And GoDaddy…well, don’t even get me started. I have been moving more clients away from GoDaddy than I can count. I used to really to love them, and still think their support team is top notch. But a lot of sites I have built on GoDaddy are slowing down and becoming nearly impossible to work with. Simple tasks like uploading images fail. Not a great thing when you’re managing an e-commerce that relies heavily on media.

So my new site is built using the WordPress Jupiter theme. I love how full featured it, that it’s actively being maintained, and that they bundle page builder with it to create really eye-catching content. I’ve also moved the site to Pressable, a managed WordPress hosting solution. I love that their intro plan includes 5 sites, which lets me host my own site and gives me room to migrate other clients and show them the power of Pressable before they commit. They also includes a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate automatically for every site, have great support, and are really, really performant for what I do.

Moving forward, I’ll of course continue to help people build, optimize, and secure their WordPress sites. It’s something I love doing, and this little project I started a few years ago has proven it’s something I’m fairly good at 🙂 I also hope to blog a lot more about my experience with WordPress and the various themes and plugins I use. There’s just so much to learn, and the platform is always evolving, I know I’ve only scratched the surface. Thanks for stopping by, and as always, drop me a line to say hello!

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